macado's se asia adventure I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.


Back from the dead! Doing some more traveling..

I doubt anybody is actually still reading this but I figured I would update it with some sort of conclusion or ending even though I've already forgotten everything that I wanted to write here.  After I left New Zealand, I ended up spending a week in Las Vegas (another holiday in itself) for my parent's wedding anniversary. I ended up surprising them there before heading back home to Boston.  It was a pleasant experience for about 3 hours before the novelty effect wore off and I realized I had to spent an entire week with my dysfunctional family, all of whom hate each other.   I encountered more yelling, screaming, fights, arguments in one week than all of my 6 months traveling, not bad - huh?  If I come sum my Las Vegas trip up in one short description it would be "constant agony."  You see my family is pretty much your typical ignorant and loud group of obnoxious people which is everything I tried to avoid while traveling. Sadly that's the embodiment of everything my family does. 

If you haven't been to Las Vegas I'd let be known that it's a place most people will either love or hate, me preferring the latter.  It's a city that gets old quick and I think I've actually lost count on how many times I've been out there for shows and gambling. The entire drinking/gambling 24/7 experience gets old.  It's an entire city built to depart people of their money, serve weak expensive drinks and has continous D- list entertainment.  It strives to be a rich/posh Disney Land for adults though no amount of polishing behinds the scenes could ever rid Las Vegas of it's sleazy and trashy underbelly.  Yes that's right, behind every multiple-million dollar hotel is a group of illegal immigrants passing out cards for hookers and sex shows, the women you see it bars? Probably prostitutes, or entertainers designed to befriend you in order to make their commission by getting you into "the hottest" nightclub with "free VIP" passes.   You see because everyone is "VIP" in Las Vegas.  Actually "VIP" in Las Vegas equates to something along the lines of a three-four hour wait into a club with a 25-50 dollar cover charge, a 100 minimum bar tab with 10 dollar beers. Yep... Las Vegas, if you still have money then you're not doing it correctly.  I guess you might enjoy the city if you have a fetish for Elvis impersonators but that remains to be seen. Anyway, after finishing up a week in Las Vegas I went home to Boston.

Some of my observations from heading back to the United States after being gone nearly 6 months.  There are tons more fat people; it's not just a broad generalization; it's truth.   In Las Vegas you certainly notice the worst side of this when you see a never-ending stream of people pushing 350lbs+, so fat infact that they need a motorized scooter to get around.  This also doesn't stop them from chain smoking massive amounts of cigarettes while indulging in the All You Can Eat(tm) buffets that Vegas has to offer.  My friends...You have not yet experienced the worst of humanity until you see a women pushing 400lbs glued to a penny slot machine on a motorized scooter, hooked up to an oxygen tank, chainsmoking cheap cigarettes all while wearing an American flag baseball cap, wearing an XXXXL Elvis t-shirt with a pink fanny pack. Also, people are considerably ruder and more impatient. That's also not just a broad generalization although maybe I got used to being overseas and dealing with different levels of politeness and rudeness from different cultures.  Lastly, I thought traveling around the world would desensitize me of this but there really are millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.  At least everywhere else I traveled, they (meaning me and other travelers/immigrants) were in the minority. There were probably a lot more things that I noticed but I am writing this post about 4 months after coming back so i've nearly forgotten everything.

Conclusion: Stay away from Las Vegas, and get out and explore the world a bit more.

So fastforwarding to current events, I got my old job back at Geek Squad although I now work out of Portsmouth, NH which is approximately an hour away from my house.  I don't mind the job since the company fronts the bill for the car and gas. I've slowly been paying off all my debt that I accumulated while traveling so I can go on more trips.  Around the 2nd or 3rd week of getting my job back I was driving back home from New Hampshire around midnight (before I got my company car) when I managed to total my own personal car by hitting a deer head-on going about 80mph (130km/hr).  Even though my car wasn't that nice of one (It was 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier). I was pretty pissed about this whole thing happening since I almost had my car payed off in full and was looking forward to not having a car payment for the next few years so I could use that money towards bills.    Since that didn't happen I ended up taking what little insurance money I got due to the depreciation of my car and putting it towards a brand new 06 VW Jetta.  Hooray for more debt.

Lastly, I just finished doing my tax returns and good old Uncle Sam owes me about $1700 USD.   Being a responsible person I should put this money towards credit card bills but instead I am planning a one week holiday/backpacking trip through a small area of Central America.  Although I am mostly going for scuba diving. I plan to visit Mexico, Belize and Guatemala on this short one week trip to get away from the cold weather here and get back into some sunshine.

I am going to start off in Belize City, and work my way out to Ambergris Caye (an island known for scuba diving in Belize), spent a few days there and then take a one day trek into Guatemala to see famous Mayan ruins in Tikal, finally I am going to work my way up to the Mexican border by taking a bus to Chetumal which is a town on the Belizean/Mexican border, from there i'll take another bus to Playa Del Carmen, take the ferry to Cozumel mexico (Mexican island in the Carribean) and finally take bus up to Cancun to flight back to Boston.

Map below for a better idea of what I am planning.  This week long little excursion should probably cost me around 600 bucks, not including flight. I will track expensives and keep everything updated on here.

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See you fools in ~2 months.

Alright so i'm leaving for my trip tomorrow. Well actually today since it's 2:30am and I'm leaving for Logan airport in about an hour and half.  Before heading to SE Asia, I'm going to be stopping in Las Vegas for 2 nights for my friend's graduation.  I'll be in Las Vegas for May 29th and May 30th.  My flight to Bangkok, Thailand leaves from Las Vegas on May 31th.  Approximately 2 days and 18 hours later, I should arrive in Bangkok Thailand to find a cheap hotel on Khao San Road for a little while until I make my way down to the southern islands.  Until more updates!  Will post "infamous" pictures of the backpacker ghetto that is Khao San Road.   See you suckers in a little over 2 months if all goes to plan and I don't run out of money.  If not, I may return sooner than expected.

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Set course for SE Asia – Coming to theatres summer 2006!

For the past 4 months or so i've been planning a rather large and spontaneous trip to Southeast Asia.  Although the dates aren't quite set I will be leaving sometime in the beginning of June and will be staying there until the 2nd week of August (a little over 2 months).  I'm not bringing anything besides American money ($3900), my camera, my passport and a backpack with a small amount of clothing.  The rest i'm going to pick up while i'm there and not worry about it. 

I have no reserved plans of where i'm staying but only a list of countries and places I want to visit and things I want to do.  Based on what i've been reading from various travel books and websites, i'm probably going to be spending the majority of the time or at least a month in southern Thailand for scuba diving and relaxing on a beach.  I also have plans to dive in the Cebu islands while in the Philippines.

Here's a very general breakdown of my trip.  It will supposedly go like this or until the money runs out.  I will be traveling in some sort of zig-zag pattern using various modes of transportation (buses, trains, airplanes) through Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong (briefly), Philippines, then back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Arrive in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia to see the Petronas towers. Will stay in Malaysia approximately 2 days

Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samet, Ko Lipe, Phi Phi islands, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai


I will try to meet up with a friend of mine who claims to be here around the same time.
Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

To view various Vietnam war sights and underground tunnels. I don't plan to stay in Vietnam very long because supposedly from what i've been reading, this will probably be the most dangerous destination of my trip. I will make a quick trip to Phu Quoc Island to relax somewhere along the way.
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Nha Trang, Phu Quoc Island, and Hanoi

Just to see Hong Kong.

Scuba diving in Cebu islands.
Manila, Cebu Islands

END TRIP: Back to Kuala Lumpur and then on to Home.

Activities Include:
-scuba diving, kayaking, whitewater rafting, exploring jungle, exploring temples, shopping, insert Indiana Jones-type adventure (minus little asian kid named Wily), drinking, relaxing on beach, photography with 4gb microdrive of pictures. So folks, now is your time to request a souvenir from Asia. My space will be limited so I will not be bring back any child slaves, mail order wifes, or elephants.
The adventure begins June 5th! A little over 2 months away! Approximately 2 months to explore 6 foreign countries.

general outline of my trip 

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