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Adios Las Vegas – Hello Narita/Tokyo

After my little two day trip to Las Vegas, I have arrived in Tokyo at the Narita International Airport waiting for my flight to Thailand which leaves in approximately 2 hours. Las Vegas was fun but unfortunately I spent a little more money than I wanted too. Hopefully this won't cut my holiday time down. I basically spent two days at the pool sleeping and we all went out to the Harrah's outdoor bar the first night which was pretty fun. Because I was trying to save money, I actually just hide a 6 pack of beer in backpack and I was able to get inside the Harrah's outdoor bar without paying 8 bucks for a beer so i'm guessing that saved me a little money. Don't laugh, I had no desire to spend 8 bucks on the same drink I can get for $1.50. The last night I sort of just walked around, played some poker at Harrah's and Excalibur where I stayed.

Since I am flying stand-by, I may actually get stuck here for a day if the flights are full. From what little i've seen of Tokyo so far it's pretty cool. The toilets really are as strange as they say and they're are internet cafes and showers everywhere.

Anyway, I have 3 minutes before this Internet Cafe thing runs out. I'm done for now.

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