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Caye Caulker: More Belikin, Belizean karaoke and poker machines

After last night´s episode me and Mark got some breakfast and decided to get out of dodge and onto the next ferry to Caye Caulker.

The ferry to Caye Caulker took about 35-40 minutes and arrived around noon. Started walking the streets (or rather street) looking for accomodation. I use the term street loosely since there are no paved roads in Caye Caulker, only dirt roads where golf carts are the main form of transportation. While the population of Ambergris Caye is about 10,000; there are only about 1500 people on Caye Cauker.

As me and Mark searched for hotels we were approached by a shifty looking fellow offering us his hotel room which he had already prepaid up until the 2nd. For some odd reason which we couldnt figure out he was in an awful hurry to leave the island. Seemed like he wanted to make a bit of his money back since he was leaving early and they wouldnt give him a refund. He was going to charge us 45 bucks for the rest of his hotel stay however hotel receptionist wasnt very bright and didnt understand that the room had already been prepaid and wanted to try to charge us an extra 75 Belizean dollars a night to stay in his already paid for hotel. In the end he realized they werent going to let him do this so he left the island and handed us his keys to his hotel room. He told us to "use it as a party room or something." Odd.

Me and Mark decided to tempt fate and try to stay for one night. Back to this odd fellow again, he was in such a hurry to leave that he left a bunch his clothing and a bunch of important paperwork fron his job in the room. It begs to ask the question - Why did he want to leave so badly?

Before we could actually settle in the room the manager had told us we had to leave so we obligated which was good because I really didnt fancy staying in a room where some sort of crime scene may have occured. We eventually found a place called Rainbow Hotel for 100 Belizean dollars (50USD split between two people so 25USD/night) however they only had one night available. We were both tired of lugging our bags around so we agreed to stay there. It is a actually a pretty decent place with an air conditioner and cable TV. There are numerous more cheaper and shittier places on the island to stay however I have to give Mark shit about requiring that any place have air conditioning. Not that I mind; Air conditioning is great.

We rested up a bit and decided to "hit the town." Settled on a place called Oceanside Bar which I had been to on my last trip to Caye Caulker. It's a small bar/disco with a sand floor and cheap happy hour drinks with local rum. To my suprise they had karaoke tonight. We had dinner at a placed called Herbal Tribe and met up with a couple British girls who came along with us for the journey. Herbal Tribe was a good enough place however fast service was not their strong point nor is that the strong point of any place on the island. The Caye Caulker motto is - "Go Slow." They honestly arent kidding. It seems to apply to every faucet of life here.

Anyway I decided to do a few karaoke songs. Much to my surprise my performances were a big hit. The bar must have been set pretty low. This bar also has a bunch of poker machines. It's pretty odd seeing poker machines in a bar that only had a sand floor. I keep forgetting gambling must be legal here. San Pedro actually has a casino on the island.

Around 11pm one of the Australian girls I met at the hostel back in Cozumel about 4-5 days walked into the bar while someone was performing a rendition of Sweet Child of Mine by AC/DC. Appropiate? - I think so. Pretty small world; I hadnt even realized that she might be on her way to Belize and last time I spoke to her she was headed to Tulum. I imagine it's a bit like South East Asia where lots of backpackers follow the same route and tend to run into each other since Lonely Planet tells them to stay and go to the same places. She stayed out for a few drinks but had to leave early since she was waking up the next morning at 5am to the dive the Blue Hole. The English girls were also ready to leave as well since they were still a bit jet lagged. I also figured it was time to take off since me and Mark were diving at 9am. We all planned to meet up tomorrow for New Years at the same place. I really hope I end up finding them all again since they all took about a hundred pictures last night and I forgot my camera like an idiot.

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