macado's se asia adventure I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.


London Calling

I know I don't really update this anymore since i'm not actively traveling like I was last year however next week a bunch of friends that I met while traveling in Thailand and Malaysia are having a reunion of sorts in London.   So far this summer has been pretty boring with me just working and not really do much else so I figured I would get a bit of traveling in while I can and waste more money instead of paying off debt and bills.

Going to be headed to London on the 20th for a few days of drinking and doing a stereotypical London touristy stuff that I haven't done before.  Should be quite interesting; about 6 of us are planning to go out and get absolutely smashed and reminisce about getting even more highly smashed in third world countries in South East Asia.  The chief difference of course is getting drunk in London is not nearly as cheap as Thailand and Malaysia and the scenery I imagine will be a bit different; though I'm guessing it will still be quite a good time. 

Everyone else is a London-area local for the most part and I'm the only Yank stupid enough to fly across the Atlantic for this glorious occasion.  Lets just hope I don't get accosted by chavs while i'm there 🙂  I plan on taking a bunch of pictures and spending lots of USA fake monopoly money while i'm over there.

 I've still got to find some accomadation while I am over there since all of the hostels I looked at appeared to be pretty booked up. I should probably start researching that now and get that stuff sorted out before going over there.

My company also just recently opened up an office in the UK and i'd like to try to meet up with some of the employees over there though i'm not sure if i'll have time. 

Anyway that's pretty much the game plan.  After London it looks like I am going to catch a British Airways flight over to Amsterdam and walk around there for a few days before flying back home drunk, broke and dillussional to Boston.

Wish me luck!